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We are currently accepting sponsors for the Asian Cultural Festival! The goal of the event is to provide a positive, inclusive, and engaging experience for our community.  To create the best possible experience, we need the support of local businesses and organizations. In return, we are able to provide your business with valuable exposure to the community. Thank you for your support!

Platinum Sponsor

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The Chinese Friendship Association of Portland is a non-profit and community-based organization established in 1993, dedicated to 

  1. to foster greater cultural understanding among Oregonians.

  2.  to provide educational opportunities to the public to learn about the immigrant story and their traditions and customs. 

  3. to build a bridge of cultural awareness and understanding, ethnic tolerance, and strive for a more harmonious existence. 

  4. and to assist recent Chinese immigrants in Oregon and Vancouver, Washington to be productive and committed members of their communities. 

  5. to provide Civic leadership training for youth

Gold Sponsors


The Lake Oswego Chinese Council (LOCC) mission is to bridge the Lake Oswego Chinese community with the people of Lake Oswego and Oregonians abroad. LOCC intends to promote greater cultural understanding and, in doing so, become a community resource for all.

Celebrating our 6th year fighting racism in Lake Oswego, Respond to Racism meets monthly, bringing concerned citizens together (along with members of local government, news media, and the LO School District, among others) to tackle overt and systemic racism in Lake Oswego.

Silver Sponsors

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HK Cafe

4410 SE 82nd Ave

 Portland, OR 97266

World Champion Taekwondo is a martial arts school with locations in downtown Lake Oswego. Additionally, World Champion Taekwondo takes pride in building confidence and respect in their students.

Pacific Boil and Lounge

From our location in Eugene Oregon, to our newest addition to Portland, we at Wheat Bay strive to serve authentic and delicious Chengdu style street food to the state of Oregon.

Bronze Sponsors

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Other Donors

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