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Make crafts, learn languages, watch stone-carving, play games, mix Chinese medicine, break a wooden board, and more!

Our activities and exhibits, led by local organizations and individuals, are sure to leave you with new skills and interests! Open 2 pm - 6:15 pm.

Presenting Groups:

Lunar Cat Studios

Lake Oswego High School Chinese Club

Sweet Day Cotton Candy

LOSD Chinese Immersion Program

LO for Love

Oregon Korean Performing Arts

Korokoro Workshop

Henna Leaf

Chinese Rose Princess Program

VisionEnvoy of Lions

Chinese Ink Art - Diana Dai

Liberty in North Korea Club

Chinese Friendship Association of Portland

Dang Hoa Calligraphy

Japanese American Citizens' League

Chinese Art Studio

Japanese American Museum of Oregon

Lakeridge Asian American and Pacific Islander Student Union

Japanese Ancestral Society (Ikoi no Kai - Bento Project)


Jasmine Gift Shop


RTR Youth Empowerment Committee

More coming soon!

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